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Iím often asked how did I begin making dolls?  My answer is because I was blessed then and Iím blessed now.  During one of my most trying times I had the desire to reverse my negative manifestations into something positive and creative.  I had the urge to use my hands and create something that was unique.

 One evening while sitting at home with my oldest daughter, I began to play around with some household items and made the ugliest doll ever.  It just so happened that the owner of my daughters preschool loved and purchased it. That became my inspiration and answer to my prayer.

 I was open to receive his blessing, one gift evolved into another. Over the 18 years, Iíve made approximately 400 dolls, all representing different eras of my life. This is a joy and not a chore. Iím able to make a few at a time, created to reflect our familiarities in  style, personality, culture.

 Iím not interested in mass producing or assembly lines. I choose to take my time and create them as uniquely as we were created, individually, one by one,  and very special.